This popular egg cooker boiler is about to be your new style gift of kitchen.

One busy Hard-boiling egg cooker mom uses to save time in the kitchen.
egg cooker boiler
7 EGGS CAPACITY: Cook up to 7 eggs in soft, medium, or hard-boiled firmness, while saving time and water. Eggs come out consistently perfect with shells easy to peel and clean up a snap.
VERSATILE: This is the PERFECT appliance egg cooker boiler for picky eaters, large families, or those who have busy schedules. egg cooker boiler Hard-boiled eggs, soft-boiled eggs, poached eggs, scrambled eggs, individual omelets, and all within minutes of the push start button - it couldn't be easier.
COMPACT plus LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighing 1lb, the Rapid egg cooker boiler is your MUST-HAVE for that first apartment, smaller kitchen, college dorm life, or camper traveling. Plus, its sleek design and trendy color options will accent any kitchen space (bonus all included accessories fit inside, taking up even LESS space).
egg cooker boiler
Important features to consider
Hard-boiling eggs egg cooker boiler and poaching eggs take a bit more kitchen know-how than frying or scrambling eggs. You need an egg cooker boiler to time both exactly to produce a hard-boiled egg with a jammy center or a perfectly set egg cooker boiler poached egg that explodes a runny yolk over an English muffin. An electric egg cooker takes out the guesswork of when an egg is over or under-done. When the egg cooker boiler came to hard-boiled eggs, five of the six egg cookers we tested were pretty much “set it and forget it.” egg cooker boiler Poaching eggs was a different story; we found that egg cooker boiler was best to check the eggs once or twice to make sure they were done.
Calibrated heating plate
The egg cooker boiler heating plate resembles a mini hotplate. Depending on how you want your eggs done, you’ll add water from an included measuring cup onto the heating element, load the eggs onto a plastic rack, then cover them with a plastic dome. As the heating plate heats — usually very quickly — the water boils and creates steam inside the dome. So, egg cooker boiler in effect, egg cookers steam eggs. When the water evaporates, the eggs are done. It’s important that the egg cooker boiler heating plate maintains an even temperature and doesn’t get too hot, or eggs will always overcook.
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I recommend the egg cooker boiler to anyone cooking for large families who could use a time-saver. egg cooker boiler truly saves time and avoids some of the hassle involved with hard-boiling many eggs at once!
Since the doneness of eggs depends on how much water is added to the heating element, it’s important that the included measuring cup is clearly marked. Many of the egg cookers had marks all over the cup indicating doneness, number of eggs, and style of eggs, and egg cooker boiler was unnecessarily confusing, especially when they were printed in milliliters and the instructions in ounces. Elite Gourmet won out again with simplicity and clarity by having only three marks for hard, medium, and soft, no matter the number or style of eggs being cooked.
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